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Poster Session 2 (15:00–16:00)

1Crowd Counting with Conformalized Quantile RegressionMartim Sousa, Ana Tomé and José Moreira
3Detection of vehicles and buildings in Drone aerial imagesRita Amante, Daniel Canedo, Jose Silvestre Silva and António J. R. Neves
4Key Performance Indicators MOTA and HOTA for multi-object trackingPedro V Leite and Andre R S Marcal
7Clustering methods for the H3D LiDAR Dataset – Preliminary resultsMafalda Inês Teixeira Oliveira and André R S Marçal
14Face Morphing Attack DetectionJoão Isidoro and Paulo Correia
233D object detection for self driving vehicles aided by object velocityLeandro Alexandrino, Pétia Georgieva, Miguel Drummond and Hadi Zahir
26Image-based Fish Freshness EstimationTomás Rosário, Paulo Correia and Osvaldo Pacheco
30Mobile App using Object Detection for Car DrivingFilipe Campos, Francisco Cerqueira, Vasco Alves and Ricardo Cruz
31Detecting Archaeological Sites From Airborne LiDAR Data With YOLOv5Fabricio Botelho, Daniel Canedo, Petia Georgieva, António Neves, João Fonte, Rita Dias, Tiago Pereiro, Luis Seco, Marta Vázquez, João Hipólito and José Machado
33A Benford’s Law Based method to Detect Manipulated Digital PhotosPedro Fernandes and Mário Antunes
363D Reconstruction using Images Acquired by Unmanned Aerial VehicleAlexandre Yu Jin, Jose Silvestre Silva and Alexandre Bernardino
39An evaluation of Deep Learning Methods for Long-Term Forecasting Traffic FlowAna Almeida, Susana Brás and Susana Sargento
49Intrusion detection: Influence of dataset balancing methodsHugo Almeida and Carlos Grilo
50Facial Recognition in a non-cooperative environmentRuben Menino, Jose Silvestre Silva and António J. R. Neves
52Efficient Neuromorphic Architectures for Visual Perception in Autonomous Driving SystemsMarcelo Carvalho, João Nunes and Jaime Cardoso
57Analysis on 3D Reconstruction in Traffic Accident InvestigationPedro Valério, Jose Silvestre Silva and António J. R. Neves
61Finding Driver Styles on Driver Behavior Data with Unsupervised LearningLuis Loureiro, Artur Ferreira and André Lourenço
65Eye-Tracking Data Reconstruction in Chest Radiography ScreeningRui Santos, João Pedrosa, Ana Maria Mendonça and Aurélio Campilho
66Electric Vehicle Driving Range Prediction: an Approach with Machine LearningDavid Albuquerque, Artur Ferreira and David Coutinho
67Explainable deep learning for metaplasia detection in upper gastrointestinal endoscopyAlexandre Neto, Sofia Ferreira, Diogo Libânio, Mário 
68On the Generalization of Masked Face Recognition Models to Occluded Face RecognitionAna F. Sequeira, Pedro C. Neto and Jaime S. Cardoso