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Registrations fees

The registration fee is 55 euros and includes:
• Conference attendance;
• Certificate of attendance;
• Conference proceedings;
• Annual membership fee of APRP;
• Lunch;
• Coffee breaks

The 27/10/2022 dinner (optional) fee is  25 euros.


APRP will support the participation in RecPad 2022 of registered students who do not receive support from the respective institutions.
The maximum amount of support per student will be the equivalent of the cost of the IC|R|IR 2nd class train journey from the city of origin to Leiria (for example: €17.30 from Porto, €9.35 from Coimbra and €19.50 € from Lisbon; omissions will be determined by interpolation).

For this purpose, after participating in the event, it will be necessary for them to send by email to aprp@fe.up.pt a copy of the public transport ticket or a toll receipt for the trip (+ estimated fuel costs) and the bank account details to which the transfer will be made. In case the transport is shared, it will be enough to send the information in a single email, with the names of the participants.