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Poster Session 3 (16:30–17:30)

2Interpretability-Guided Human Feedback During Neural Network TrainingPedro Serrano E Silva, Ricardo Cruz, Tiago Gonçalves and Asm Shihavuddin
6Natural Language Processing in the Classification of Dialog ActPatrícia Ferreira, Daniel Martins, Hugo Oliveira, Catarina Silva and Ana Alves
9Intelligence Artificial approaches for credit scoring & coded biases ecosystemAline Silva, Catarina Silva and Marcelo Augusto Vieira Graglia
10Optimized European Portuguese Speech-To-Text using Deep LearningLeonel Corado, Eduardo Medeiros, Luís Rato, Paulo Quaresma and Pedro Salgueiro
12Can we rely on clustering for approximating intents and dialog acts?Daniel Martins, Patrícia Ferreira, Hugo Oliveira, Catarina Silva and Ana Alves
15Latent Noise Augmentation: On the applicability of noise as an augmentation in the latent spaceRafael Mamede, Mafalda Oliveira, Pedro C. Neto, Ana F. Sequeira and Jaime S. Cardoso
20Ensembles and Wearable Sensors for Stroke ClassificationMiguel Santos, Joana Costa, Catarina Silva, Telmo Fernandes and Sérgio Faria
24Preliminary Study on Deep Iterative Semantic SegmentationDiana Teixeira E Silva, Ricardo Cruz and Tiago Gonçalves
32Automatic Data Model ConversionJaime Marques, Catarina Silva and João Garcia
37Bitcoin Price Prediction using Natural Language Processing, Technical Analysis and Machine Learning ModelsVasco Oliveira and Ana Alves
40IoT Forensic Framework: An Initial ApproachErica Wallberg, Gonçalo Carnaz and Inês Domingues
41Regularization Techniques for Transformers Based ModelsHugo S. Oliveira Oliveira
42A deep learning approach for automatic counting of bedbugs and grape mothAna Cláudia Teixeira, Raul Morais, Joaquim J. Sousa, Emanuel Peres and António Cunha
43Startups’ Twitter activity analysis: the case of Portuguese IT StartupsAna Rita Peixoto, Nuno António and Ana Maria de Almeida
46Knowledge-based model for object recognition: The importance of linking archaeological knowledge with geoinformationAriele Câmara, Ana de Almeida and João Pedro Oliveira
48An High-Level View Of Pest Detection Using Computer Vision and IoTBruno Cardoso, Catarina Silva, Joana Costa and Bernardete Ribeiro
53Grapevine Varieties Identification Using Vision TransformersGabriel Carneiro, Luís Pádua, Emanuel Peres, Raul Morais, Joaquim Sousa and António Cunha
54Engenhos.INFO PlatformLorena Pintea, Gonçalo Carnaz and Inês Domingues
60Machine Learning for the Identification of Material Constitutive Model ParametersArmando Marques, Bernardete Ribeiro and Pedro Prates